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Thread: How to find submatix with max sum

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    How to find submatix with max sum

    How to find submatix with max sum

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    Re: How to find submatix with max sum

    Quote Originally Posted by Geek_Guest View Post
    How to find submatix with max sum
    Sorry.... cud u ellaborate the Question..

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    Re: How to find submatix with max sum

    List all the Sub Matrices and find the sum of each matrix and then find the maximum sum.

    Let us consider inputArr[m][n] be the input array.
    And let us make another array outputArr[m][n] with all fields set to zero by default.
    Each element of the array say outputArr[i][j] will store the sum of elements from inputArr[0][0] till inputArr[i][j].

    So determine outputArr[i][j] =
    inputArr[i][j] + outputArr[i-1][j] + outputArr[i][j-1] - outputArr[i-1][j-1]

    Now to find the matrix sum of a matrix starting at i1,j1 till i2,j2 is
    sum = outputArr[i2][j2]- outputArr[i1][j2] - outputArr[i2][j1] + outputArr[i1-1][j1-1]

    Now we can run an algorithm

    For each sub matrix find the sum and then compare with the maximum sum found till now. Then output the result in the end.

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