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Thread: Need of webserver in Application Server...

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    Need of webserver in Application Server...

    Hi friends,

    I know the difference between web server and application server.

    web sever - serves html web pages i.e serves static pages.
    App server - It provides the middle ware components like security/transaction management, load balancing etc and also serves web pages too.

    But still i am not clear with:
    What is the significance of Web Server which is present inside the Application Server?

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    Re: Need of webserver in Application Server...

    Web servers and Application servers are separate server programs and there would be no web server inside application server and vise versa! I think, what you mean is application servers that run both Web server and Application server in the same system but as separate components. It is required by some application which use browser as front end and at backend it runs other components like security, middleware as you pointed out. So, the web server component handles client requests as normal web server do and Application server component handles all background process.

    Anoop :)
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