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Thread: Developing BO universe structure having two fact tables

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    Developing BO universe structure having two fact tables

    Hi I am new to universe designing Please anyone resolve my question

    1) I have two fact tables one having patient fact and another fact having patient visit fact. So here I'm having in total 2 facts and 15 dim which looks like two star schemas.

    So now my question is how should I go ahead with developing BO universe structure having this two fact tables and its associated dimensions.

    Please think I'm your friend and help me

    Thanks so much

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    Re: Developing BO universe structure having two fact tables

    Hey Vekat, can u be more elaborative? are there any dimansions being shared by both fact tables? is it creating loops?
    if you look forward for perfect (or close to perfect sollution) try to be clearer about the issue.
    We here would certainly like to help you.


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