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Thread: I want to understand what is server code

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    I want to understand what is server code

    What is the meaning of "the server based controls can be accessed from server code. even though these are part of standard html form, ensures that they are accessed from server-side event procedures." i want to understand what is server code? and why we use html code? and all the things we can do in the design time then why we use code part? what is the use of code behind part in the html coding? plz answer me these queries i will be highly obliged.

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    I want to understand what is server code


    Server code is nothing but which executes on server side and one more thing is this are not part of HTML form .You can observe that form tag contains RUNAT="Server" tag,this means what ever the code u execute it runs on server side not on client side,means not on browser(unlike validations).we use HTML code as a desiging part,not for coding purpose.\

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    Re: I want to understand what is server code


    Server code is nothing the code which will be executed on server side is known as server code. the server side code is for web applications using languages ASP.NET, ASP, J2EE, php etc.

    web application runs on browser and doesnot do anything on the end user computer. all the code behind the pages are meant to execute at the server with the tag RUNAT ="SERVER". the life cycle of web application is request from the client (end user) and response from the server. browser just parser it into HTML etc and displays you on the browser.

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