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Thread: New Moderator for Database and Software Development Forums

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    New Moderator for Database and Software Development Forums

    We are pleased to inform you that debasisdas has been selected as a moderator for the following forums:

    Databases Forum

    Software Development Forum

    Debasis Das is Oracle Expert, Sr. Software Engineer from Hyderabad, India and works as a PL/SQL developer in a MNC, His interests include Photography, Browsing, Reading. Debasis Das will have the responsibility to moderate Database, Software Development and all its sub-forums, along with existing moderators. His contributions and rich experience in software development will help several learners and also our community members.

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    Re: New Moderator for Database and Software Development Forums

    congrats debasisdas,

    Be moderator is a pride but it has so many duties also; which you know; is not so easy to follow, but I hope you will do better.

    With Best Wishes,
    Brijesh Jain.

    Brijesh Jain
    Connect with me on Skype: jainbrijesh
    Google Plus : jainbrijeshji

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    Re: New Moderator for Database and Software Development Forums

    Thanx jainbrijesh

    I know being a moderator is not an easy task ,it involves a lot of duties and responsbilities and as you say is not so easy to follow. I can understand your pain ,i know what moderator has to do in forum.

    I am a member of more than a dozen software development forums .
    I already work as Moderator in couple of other forums in Oracle, SQL Server ,software Development and VB section .

    In some forum I have more than 1000 posts which is more than the heighest post count of this site.
    So i might be new to the forum but not new to all those things.

    Still i will try to remember your advice and do my duties in a better way.

    Thanx & Regards

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