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Thread: who is where, and what they are doing?

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    who is where, and what they are doing?

    Shortly after their fateful plane crash, the Lost survivors are out, around the island. From the clues, can you deduce who is where, and what they are doing?

    1. Two women went to fetch materials to make a boat; it was two men that went for a relaxing walk in the forest, Sayid wasn't one of them.
    2. Danielle was with Hurley, they were not the pair fishing for food on the beach.
    3. Jack was heading for the Black Rock, but not to look for Vincent.
    4. Michael was fetching water, but not with Kate or Sawyer.
    5. Shannon went to the abandoned camp, but not with Charlie, who was investigating, but not around the golf course.
    6. Sun was not investigating; Claire was not at the abandoned camp.

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    Re: who is where, and what they are doing?

    2 womens went forest for getting materials to make boat.

    shannon was outside of golf course.

    Danielle and hurley went to forest for relaxation.

    this much i found...

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    Re: who is where, and what they are doing?

    Two women are in jungle to fetch materials to make a boat.

    Two men are doing relaxing walk in the forest.

    Sayid is also in jungle and taking relaxing walk alone.

    Danielle and Hurley are together.

    One pair is fishing on the beach for food.

    Jack is heading for the Black Rock.

    Vincent is at black Rock.

    Michael is fetching water.

    Kate or Sawyer are also fetching water.

    Shannon is to the abandoned camp.

    Charlie is investigating near abandoned camp.

    Sun is also at abandoned camp but not investigating.

    Claire is at golf course.

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