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Thread: What is vendor Validation Testing?

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    vendor Validation Testing

    1. . What is vendor Validation Testing? at which testing level this testing is done?

    2. In real time, if companies following manual testing then how they will do performance testing?

    (in automation they can use loadrunner/Open STA)

    3.What is Usability testing?What is the difference between User Acceptance level (UAT)testing and usability testing? (Usability is done before UAT right?? )

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    Re: What is vendor Validation Testing?

    Vendor Validation Testing
    This is done by producer (Vendor) and tester jointly. This testing can be conducted jointly by software vendor and testing team

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    Re: vendor Validation Testing

    Hi there,

    Usability Testing is testing for user friendliness of your application. You will basically check how easy it is to operate the appliction.

    But user friendliness may mean different things to different people.
    If its a new user the he would appretiate all the tool tips and popups indicating what to do next.

    But a proficient user would not have the same opinion.

    So you can say that usability testing can be a part of UAT, wherein the end users test for comfort in using the application.


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    Re: vendor Validation Testing

    . What is vendor Validation Testing?

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    Re: What is vendor Validation Testing?

    This is done by producer (Vendor) and tester jointly. This testing can be conducted jointly by software vendor and testing team and this happens at the end as exit/entry criteria.

    You can do the load testing by using manual testing technique, however it depends on the risk factor. Ideally when there is no enough load for a website or application then simple testing methods for load testing is suffice. If it is expected that the application is going to have huge load then using tool become necessary.

    Usability testing is a technique used to evaluate a product by testing it on users.Usability testing is a black-box testing technique. The aim is to observe people using the product to discover errors and areas of improvement. Usability testing generally involves measuring how well test subjects respond in four areas: efficiency, accuracy, recall, and emotional response.Usability testing usually involves systematic observation under controlled conditions to determine how well people can use the product.

    User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is followed by the Usability testing and normal this is the end phase of the cycle. This is a process to obtain confirmation by a SME (Subject Matter Experts), preferably the owner or client of the object under the test,through trial or review, that the modification ot addition meets mutually agreed-upon requirements.

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