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Thread: I want to know the balance for a particular date

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    I want to know the balance for a particular date

    Query: 1) name balance bal_date
    shrapova 10000 20-may-07
    shrapova 15000 23-may-07
    shrapova 20000 25-may-07
    shrapova 10000 28-may-07
    shrapova 12000 30-may-07

    from this table i want a query on 29-may-07.
    I want to know the balance for this particular date.

    Query: 2)
    id name city state
    100 sachin mumbai maharastra
    101 ganguli kolkatta bengal
    100 tendulkar mumbai maharastra

    from this table i need query output like

    100 sachin tendulkar mumbai maharashtra
    101 ganguli kolkatta bengal

    please forward this queries as soon as possible

    question asked by visitor raju

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    Re: I want to know the balance for a particular date

    It is not possible to cretae query for u r second answer.....if u want the output like that u can write stored procedure.....

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