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Thread: Search Engine Implementation

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    Search Engine Implementation

    I made a small search engine for my employer with ASP.NET / C#. It searches our database for keyword match.

    When the result is more than one page, I have to break it into multiple pages. Is there a way to keep the search results in memory temporarily so that when user clicks the other page, it does not need to perform database search again.

    Thank you for your help.

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    Re: Search Engine Implementation


    I am not able to write my comments here. It is not saving the format and indentations.

    Please find the attached text file.

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    Re: Search Engine Implementation

    Hi Viceroy,

    According to my point of view it is better to use the datagrid for displaying the search results, after getting the search results from database just bind the result to datagrid. It supports paging u can divide search results into diffrent pages and u can assign the page numbers also. Don't forget to set the allowpaging property of datagrid is to true.

    do u have any quries let me know..........

    Hari Prasad

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    Re: Search Engine Implementation

    you can try database caching or web server caching with 24 hour life span or any depending how often you data changes ..

    we have an application changes every week or so .. so we use web server caching to expire for every 24 hours..


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