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Thread: http vs WWW

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    http vs WWW

    What is difference between http & WWW?
    I'm not looking for the definition of both the terms.
    Some time we use or browser redirect to
    http:// www . web-site . com
    But some time for other site
    http:// web-site . com
    Both use port 80 for TCP & UDP. Then what is the technique or theory behind it.
    Please explain.

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    Re: http vs WWW


    I think, v cant compare http and www,...where http is a protocol used to access the www (html) pages.

    But, diff on http:// www . web-site . com and http:// web-site . com is,...i tried it practically,...i couldn't find the difference in the traffic. For both, the captured packets are showing the same details,...nslookup also resolving the same ipaddress. (N)

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    Re: http vs WWW

    http mean the browser will use http protocol to communicate with that site, but www, only a naming standard, means the server is a webserver. In DNS there would be A records pointing to that site's IP for both site name & site name prefixed with www ie. and resolves to same IP. So, www is only the prefix added to website's name to logically categorize it as a website. Its only upto the owner of the site to add it or not.

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