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Thread: Checkpoints and their importance in winrunner

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    Explain me about database check point used in win runner tool?

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    Re: Checkpoints and their importance in winrunner

    A database checkpoint is to test the impact of front-end on the back-end.

    Basically, when an action is performed in the s/w application w.r.t insert/update/delete of any of the data/information, the database is expected to be updated accordingly.

    A database checkpoint helps us track the changes made by the s/w application on the database back-end.

    A database checkpoint is executed before and after the actions are performed in the s/w application. When it is run before performing actions, it keeps a copy of the database table contents (query is given by us) in the buffer. Then the actions are performed on the application. Finally, when the same checkpoint is executed again, it takes the fresh copy of the database table contents, compares it with the earlier copy stored in the buffer and highlights the differences.

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