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Thread: Tester is not a dumb user!

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    Tester is not a dumb user!

    Hi friends!

    Have a good day!

    Ok friends, what you say, tester is a dumb user


    Tester is not a dumb user!

    You have to tell me what developers thinks about tester in your company?

    Be true, and tell.....

    Actually it will help others too how to treat a tester with developers in any software company.

    Brijesh Jain
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    Re: Tester is not a dumb user!

    hi jain
    i dont think that tester is dumb user
    as he is responsible for understanding the system and business together
    provides value add on domain to developers some time
    add few things to their knowledge base some times
    make them realise tht they make terrible mistakes sometimes
    checks on their intentions of fraud

    after all keep their eyes open if they fall sleepy during coding for an application

    please add .......

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