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Thread: Rational Robot Best Practices, Best Results and Report

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    Rational Robot Best Practices, Best Results and Report

    I would appreciate if anyone could resolve my query even I thank to you in advance.

    What is the best practice to get the test result in Rational Robot?

    How to get the meaningful Test Report in Rational Test Manager?

    We are new to Rational Robot, we know only the test log generated after all the scripts (Suits) executed from Test Manager. How to get the best test Result & report from Test Manager.

    In case if have to show the some meaningful Report to management, How will we get the best report?

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    Re: Rational Robot Best Practices, Best Results and Report

    thats like you are asking for a History lesson. try learning yourself from google and ibm web site ..

    though there are framework available for Robot deployment but I believe these are business model specific , so if it matched then GREAT
    if not then i suggest MODULARIZATION .... of the script/suites/reports

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