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Thread: What is the difference between Spiral and V Model?

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    What is the difference between Spiral and V Model?

    What is the difference between Spiral and V Model?

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    Re: Difference

    Spiral model is like prototyping model where we make one feature , test it and if any change, then make the change.
    Then next we plan for next feature and add this , test that until the final product.

    In V-model development and testing runs simultaneously.
    like unit code then do unit testing.
    Integration then do integration testing like this....

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    Re: Difference

    Basically, the idea is evolutionary development, using the waterfall model for each step; it's intended to help manage risks. We don't define in detail the entire system at first. The developers should only define the highest priority features. Define and implement those, then get feedback from users/customers (such feedback distinguishes "evolutionary" from "incremental" development). With this knowledge, they should then go back to define and implement more features in smaller cut ups.

    I feel the difference between both we get feedback for each phase or module proto type from the users/customers where as in V - Model we perform user acceptance test at the end and then we release the build to Client

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