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Thread: Testing issue

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    Testing issue

    What is load testing, volume testing and how it is performed?

    What is meant by transaction and threshold time?

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    Re: Testing issue

    What is load testing, volume testing and how it is performed?

    Load testing test the application for a specified load, example , if any application is designed for 200 users, the in load testing we test it at it's peak, that is for 200 user using load testing tools.

    Volume testing is also a type of performance testing which see how much volume of data application can handle at one time, like how many users can login at a time .

    Generally performance tools are used for this type of testing.

    What is meant by transaction and threshold time?

    Transaction time is the time needed for a transaction to complete.
    Threshold time is the minimum time for which application will wait to begin it's processing.

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    Re: Testing issue

    This is enough...

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    Re: Testing issue

    In my experience, different sources will have slightly different definitions of testing terms.

    In my mind, Volume Testing as opposed to Load Testing does not measure the application's architecture against any real usage. It just measures the amount of load a server can handle. It is done to see if the server can perform against high volume. Load Testing on the other hand is performed to measure transaction response times, throughput levels and this is done under expected and peak-load conditions. A load test is the most important, at least in my opinion if I were to distinguish other Performance Tests on the basis of their definition. A load test can find out functionality defects as modules are placed under load, tests the load balancer, it can detect issues with concurrent users accessing the same functionality/same module etc.

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