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    explain about inheritance

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    Re: inheritance

    Inheritance lets you reuse the state and behaviour of a object to create a new object;Inherit from a class whose state and behaviour u need to extend and thats it.

    ->Code Reuse.
    ->Implement Polymorphic behaviour.

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    Re: inheritance

    Inheritance is reusing the properties and methods of a parent class into a sub class.


    Following are the 2 classes that are designed without following the inheritance concepts.

    Class: means-of-transport
    Properties: wheels, seats, body-type, runs-on
    Methods: start, run, stop

    Class: car
    Properties: name, wheels, seats, body-type, runs-on, manufacturer, fuel-type
    Methods: start, run-forward, run-backward, stop

    As we see there is duplication of data. To avoid duplication, the class ‘car’ can be declared as sub class of the class ‘means-of-transport’ inheriting some of its properties as shown below.

    Class: means-of-transport
    Properties: wheels, seats, body-type, runs-on
    Methods: start, run, stop

    Class: car INHERITS means-of transport
    Properties: name, manufacturer, fuel-type
    Methods: run-forward, run-backward

    Assumptions: some means of transport may not run backwards, but car can. Every means of transport will have some number of wheels, some number of seats, some body type and runs on something or the other including a car. Every means of transport starts and stops.

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    Re: inheritance

    Here is good link, which answers your question with gud ex :-)

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    Re: inheritance

    Inheritance is a way of reusing the method, properties etc. This allows you to define class for very specific reason and inherit rest of the methods and properties from base class (which again is specifi for its own reason). This also gives you Hierarchical approach to you project

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