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Thread: QTP File Extensions Descriptions

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    QTP File Extensions Descriptions

    Question asked by Visitor Seshu

    Can any one of you help me in understanding the description of following extensions we usually used in QTP

    Default.cfg :-
    Default.prm :-
    Default.usp :-
    Default.xls :-
    Lock.lck :-
    Login.usr :- :- :-
    Script.mts :-
    Test.tsp :-
    thin_usr.dat :-

    Hope i will get clarification for my doubt......



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    Re: QTP File Extensions Descriptions

    Default.cfg :- "Microsoft Office Outlook Configuration File"
    Default.xls :- "This is the copy of the internal datatable which is there by default. 1 sheet is Global, other sheets are as per the Action names"
    Login.usr :- "It is a kind of default constant file where all the inbuilt vaialbles are assigned some values or otherwise"
    Script.mts :- "This is just the scripts as per each action. Whatever you write in each action will be saved here"
    thick_usr.dat :- "It is a kind of default constant file where all the inbuilt vaialbles are assigned some values or otherwise"
    thin_usr.dat :- "It is a kind of default constant file where all the inbuilt vaialbles are assigned some values or otherwise. It consists of less no. is variables than thick_usr.dat"

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    Re: QTP File Extensions Descriptions :Extension of per-Action repository(mtr-module test repository)

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    Smile Re: QTP File Extensions Descriptions

    default.cfg - configuration file
    default.xls - Default Excel used to store the DataTable sheets and data.
    default.usp - Contains additional runtime configuration parameters.
    testname.usr - Contains the test resources definitions, scuh as actions and repositories.
    lock.lck - Will appear anytime the test is locked. - Contains the test parameters (binary)
    test.tsp - Don't know for sure.

    under Action1 directory
    SnapShots folder
    ObjectRepository.bdb - Self-evident (a Berkeley DB storing the local repository) (N/I - Contains the Action resources (binary).
    script.mts - Contains the actual code of the action (script)

    Res1 directory
    MediaInfo configuration file - I don't remember exactly.
    Default.xls - Runtime DataTable to be displayed in the Report.
    GeneralInfo.ini - Config file storing important information for the report to be displayed propertly.
    InstallNewReport.HTML - Contains version incompatibility info or message to display upon report corruption.
    results.xml file - Actual xml file containing the report data
    results.qtp file - File that invokes QTReport.exe to compile the above xml file and display the well known QTP report.

    Hope this helps you...

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