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Thread: explain test life cycle

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    explain test life cycle

    pls explain test life cycle in detail

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    Re: hi

    Test life start from test Plan and ends at test reports and deliverables.

    Different phases in test life cycle are:

    Test Plan>Test design specification>Test cases writing>Test case execotion> Bugs reporting and review> Test reports and deliverables.

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    Re: hi

    Following are the general test lifecycle stages followed in that order::d test strategy by project manager;- test plan by project manager and test lead;- test case design by test lead and test engineers;- test automation where applicable by test lead and test engineers;- test execution;- defect tracking, test reviews, defect reporting and regression testing (a cyclic process);- test reports and deliverables.

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    Testing life cycle starts with test initiation by Project Manager(PM). The PM prepares test strategy document in this stage. This document contains the approach of testing.

    After test initiation we have the test planning stage. Here the test lead prepares the test plan document, test plan document in short consists of the test objectives, scope, approach - specifying how to test, who to test and when to test.

    After test plan is the test design where we test engineers prepare the test cases for all the testing techniques specified in the test plan.

    After designing of test cases we proceed towards test execution (after receiving a stable build from dev team).

    During test execution if any of the defects are observed we report them to the dev team or the lead using the test reporting process.

    After most of the bugs have been fixed and major functionality testing is completed (as specified in test plan) the test lead declares a completion of testing as test closure.

    thats the complete life cylce of testing.

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