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Thread: how to describe testing project?

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    Smile how to describe testing project?

    can anybody send me the question related with project means how to
    describe the project inow my project but i cannot explain it

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    to explain about your project Prepare answer these questions. I have recently got it from the forum.
    1. what is purpose/objective of your project?

    2.What is the technology and architecture of your project?
    3.How does the plan go about in implementing it? Were you given any training for the project (specify)?
    4.What is your role in it (at which stage of the dev/testing life cycle are you involved?)?
    5.What and how did you implement it?
    6.List out your experiences during implementations?
    7.Did you get any appraisals (if yes/no for what and why? do you consider you deserved it)
    what sort of documentation process did you follow?
    8.How did you document and report?
    9.Where did you save the documented work?
    10.What is the process of saving and updating the documented work?
    11.Were any reviews conducted if yes who used to do it and whom u used to report to and what was its process?
    12.How did you track and trace the progress of your work?

    Hope this will help you.

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    Re: project

    Thanks ChSrikanth, it is really helpfull. I haven't worked as tester before. If I have to start as entry level tester, what should I know about technology from a view of a tester? How do they save and update documented work? Thanks.

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    Re: project

    Hi sakshi
    your question was already answered why do u post the same question so many times??

    ur previous post Project

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    Re: how to describe testing project?

    Thanks srikanth ur answer is really very helpful

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