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Thread: I would like to be SAP field,

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    I would like to be SAP field,

    Question asked by site visitor krishna prasad

    hi everybody,

    I have completed my engineering just now, i would like to be SAP field, is this a good career choice or i should go for programmers job?

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    Re: I would like to be SAP field,

    Are you interested in programming.

    I have seen people who program the whole day at work, go home and start coding again. They love it.

    On the other hand, I ve seen people who are programmers only cause it earns them more money than other jobs. Thats the worst reason tot ake up a job.

    Explore different ventures and eventually you will find the one that is right for you. You ll know it automatically when you like something.

    As for your question, if you are interested in programming but want to work in the SAP area, you can be a programmer in this line. Knowing ABAP or something similar would be a big plus.

    A couple java/jee programmers I know work on SAP too.

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