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Thread: Cheating at Online Colleges

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    Cheating at Online Colleges

    how to deal with cheating at online colleges while online degree programs have become much more popular in the last five years, the issue of cheating is a source of concern among both teachers and adminstrators. In fact, some even feel that cheating could severely destroy the credibility of online education programs. One of the obvious problems with earning your degree online is that you're anonymous. In a traditional classroom, teachers can easily detect students who are cheating because they are physically present in the room. read more...

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    Re: Cheating at Online Colleges

    So can we call it as a disadvantage with respect to Online Colleges or on other words taking classes through Online.

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    Re: Cheating at Online Colleges

    hi friend..

    I am surprised how did you gather all these information... you are grand... Excellent effort and very useful to all


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