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Thread: Role of Online Instructors

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    Role of Online Instructors

    How Online Instructors Can Help Their Students Succeed if you are an instructor teaching online classes, your success will be connected to the success of your students. When they win, so will you. If they fell, this can also be a reflection of your training methods. Teaching students over the internet can be very challenging. However, as technology continues to advance, more people are looking to online universities as an avenue to earn their degrees. Because of this, there is a market for qualified instructors who understand how to teach students over the internet. read more...

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    Re: Role of Online Instructors

    Really a very useful stuff depicting clearly the role of Online Instructors and also clearly picturises how Instructors should equip themselves if they want to do Online Teaching.

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    Re: Role of Online Instructors

    hi Lokesh,

    Thanks for posting such a useful info.


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