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Thread: testing Framework

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    Hiiiiiii All,

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiii frnds,

    I'm here 2 learn more.Be in contact 2 eachother.

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    Smile Re: testing Framework

    hi do u want to know abt testing frame work

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    Re: testing Framework

    As my knowledge Hybird frame work is combination of Data driven frame work and module driven frame work.

    Module driven Frame work:
    we will divide entire project into modules and write functions or procedures for each and
    every module and automate the project

    Data driven Frame work:
    Here we divide the entire project in to modules and start automation by writing data driven
    scripting for each one of them. We will have test data either in excel sheet or flat files or from database...we will pass that test data in to the script and perform data
    driven testing.

    Senthil Kumar Venu

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    Re: testing Framework

    framework a test automation framework is a set of assumptions, concepts, and practices that provide support for automated software testing

    benefits for framework:
    • allow highest possible reusability
    • support different application versions
    • should support different environments • self configurable
    • easy to use and understand
    • flexible general types of framework:
    • the test script modularity framework
    • the test library architecture framework • the keyword driven testing framework
    • the data driven testing framework
    • the hybrid test automation framework

    test script modularity frame work:

    the test script modularity framework requires the creation of small, independent scripts that represent modules of the application-under-test. These small scripts are then used in a hierarchical fashion to construct larger tests, realizing a particular test case. the test library architecture framework
    the test library architecture framework is very similar to the test script modularity framework but it divides the application-under-test into procedures and functions instead of scripts. This framework requires the creation of library files that represent modules, sections, and functions of the application-under-test. These library files are then called directly from the test case script. the keyword driven testing framework
    keyword-driven testing framework requires the development of data tables and keywords, independent of the test automation tool used to execute them and the test script code that "drives" the application-under-test and the data. Keyword-driven tests look very similar to manual test cases. In a keyword-driven test, the functionality of the application-under-test is documented in a table as well as in step-by-step instructions for each test. It is an application independent automation framework. the data driven testing framework
    data-driven testing is a framework where test input and output values are read from data files (datapools, odbc sources, cvs files, excel files, dao objects, ado objects, and such) are loaded into variables in captured or manually coded scripts. In this framework, variables are used for both input values and output verification values. Navigation through the program, reading of the data files, and logging of test status and information are all coded in the test script. the hybrid testing framework
    hybrid frame work is combination of data driven framework and keyword driver framework

    Thanks and regards,
    bhaskar kumar

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    Thumbs up Re: testing Framework

    you need to know about automation tools framework too....

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    Re: testing Framework

    Usually in Manual there is no framework. We write test cases in Excel sheet. But for automation every company has its own framework. I.e. we write scripts and save them in a folder and for functions, recoveries, data, object repository for all these we use different folders.


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