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Thread: Few Test Director Questions

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    Few Test Director Questions

    Question asked by visitor Niharika123


    I found this forum to be more helpful and informative. I have few questions on TD. I appreciate if some one can answer my questions at the earliest possible time.

    1) Who will create project in TD (Admin or Tester). can some one tells me that steps to create a project in TD?

    2) After creating the project will they appear in Login window of TD next to User name password text boxes?

    3) Once we login to by giving the project / User name / Password. Any Test cases we import will be stored in that project??

    4) We have test cases (Excel) on our network.We want them to store in test director. Can you please provide the steps to do that.

    6) If we need steps of test case (Not just as an attachment) do we need to copy each row?

    7) If I import as an attachment can I still see the steps?

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    Re: Few Test Director Questions

    1) Admin will create the project and we need to have Admin rights for changing or creating a project and ofcourse im not sure about the process for creating
    2) Yeah we will have a domain & Project drop down list and it will get selected automatically or else we need to manually select it after entering ur user credentials
    3)Ofcourse they will be in the project even if u are importing or exporting unless and until u delete them from that project
    4) U need to install Microsoft Excel Add-in which will be there in the Test Director Add-In's page and afterwards u just have to customise the fields like it will be a easy process once u start doing as it will be user friendly
    6) I never tried doing that but i suppose there will be a way out ..just let me know if u come across any solution for that
    7) Ofcourse it will be in the same format as it did in Excel sheet

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