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Thread: Feburary 07 : Member of the Month

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    Feburary 07 : Member of the Month

    Hello Members,

    We are really lucky to have many great members among our members list who try to help others with their knowledge. Thanks a lot for each and every member for your contributions. As promised, we are thrilled to announce the WINNER for the month of Feburary 2007, we are delighted to have such member. Once again thanks to each and every member for being a part of our community.

    And the winner is...

    Member of the Month : Innila
    Congratulations for the winner!!!
    Winner will get exciting gift.

    In the context of being the winners of the month we would like to tell few things about our winner.

    Innila is a member of community since April 2006, working as software developer from India and has books and music as interest.

    Winner, Please log on and use Contact Us Form to send us your mailing / contact address to ship the gift.


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    Re: Feburary 07 : Member of the Month

    Congratulation Innila on this achievement. You have been great particularly in Oracle/SQL area and your answers were just too good. Your command over Oracle is really amazing.

    You really deserved it. So, let me congratulate you on this achievement. Keep up the good work!

    Have fun!


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    Re: Feburary 07 : Member of the Month

    Congratulations Innila..........
    Continue your good work in geekinterview.


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    Re: Feburary 07 : Member of the Month


    Thank you very much. It is a great honour to be the "Member of the Month".
    GeekInterview has been a Knowledge gaining & sharing platform for many like me.
    Hope to continue sharing my knowledge in GeekInterview.

    Thanks Kalayama specially for your enthusiasm and motivation.
    Thanks a lot, Suresh.

    Enjoy Life !!!

    *** Innila ***

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