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Thread: Performing verification points

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    Performing verification points

    Question asked by visitor sriviramani

    Can you please let me know how to perform the following verification points..

    1.File Comparison
    2.File existence
    3.Module existence

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    Re: Performing verification points

    1.File comparison is to check whether 2files r of same type same size n contain same contents... no need to record..directly open script in robot window click insert->verificationpoint->file comparison->select 2files which u need to compare->ok->view results...

    2. File existence is to check whether file exists or not.script in robot window->insert->verificationpoint->file existence->give exact path of the file n file name.extension->ok->view results...
    3.module existence is to test whethet tat particular modules exists or script in robot->record->start application->insert->verificationpoint->module existence->select from existing modules or u type the module which u expect->run->view results...

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