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Thread: Make a Great First Impression

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    Make a Great First Impression

    It is extremely easy to make a great first impression to land a job. Most people think that they have to be superman or act extremely smart, in actuality; employers are usually looking for people that fit in well with their culture and are capable of handling the competencies of a specific job. Here are some tips on making a great first impression.

    Before you send out your resume, prepare yourself for job hunting. Create your resume, cover letter and prepare for likely questions that may be asked when contacted.

    Preparing yourself is the best way to make a great first impression. Once you are prepared, a person can contact you anytime and you will have your responses ready for them which are clear and well thought out.

    Once called to a job interview, you can easily make a great first impression by being on time and dressing appropriately for the job. You donít have to be a fashion model or wear a navy blue business suit, however dress realistically for the job.

    This would include suit and tie for men and a nice outfit for women. Donít wear flip flops, have your phone on or have headphones in your pocket. Show the interviewer that you respect the interview process and the chance to interview for the job.

    When at the interview be prepared by asking smart questions about the position, so the interviewer knows that you are interested in the company and not just the salary.

    It is also important to be polite and have a positive manner about yourself. Donít frown or act upset. Nobody likes to work with a grouch. If you are looking to make a great first impression, follow the above tips.

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    Re: Make a Great First Impression

    Very detailed article which helps one to understand and help for presenting themselves in the interview as this is the first step for selecting them.

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