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Thread: difference bet unique and distinct

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    Unhappy difference bet unique and distinct

    Is threre any difference bet 'disinct' and 'unique' key word used in select clause
    select disinct(column_name) from table_name;
    select unique(column_name) from table_name;

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    Re: difference bet unique and distinct

    Hi Smitai,

    The keywords, DISTINCT and UNIQUE are synonymous.
    Both are used to specify to return only one copy of each set of duplicate rows selected.
    One restriction is that DISTINCT cannot be specified if the FROM clause contains LOB columns.

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    Smile Re: difference bet unique and distinct

    UNIQUE we are inserting unique data to table
    DISTINCT means we are retriving unique values from duplicate records

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    Re: difference bet unique and distinct

    Both are same but distinct use in sql as well in oracle but unique only use for oracle

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    Re: difference bet unique and distinct


    SQL> insert into emp values(eno number(4) unique,ejob varchar(15));

    Here unique restricts the user to enter the same value more than once.

    Error:Voilating constraint


    SQL>select distinct(ejob) from emp;

    Here distinct is used to eliminate the duplicate values from emp. i.e ejob

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