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Thread: GD-006 Windows Versus Linux

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    Smile GD-006 Windows Versus Linux

    Lets have a discussion on,

    Windows Versus Linux

    Among Windows and Linux which one is the best...

    Lets Start...


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    Re: GD-006 Windows Versus Linux

    I think Window is better than linux because of its user friendly nature and asy to handle. On the other hand it is difficult to manage the work in a paltform like linux.

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    Re: GD-006 Windows Versus Linux

    hi manoj as u create the GD on windows vs Linux
    i will say that Linux is best. As it is open source and also it provides many things to do self.

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    Re: GD-006 Windows Versus Linux

    Linux is best, because Its very secure!!....

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    Re: GD-006 Windows Versus Linux

    as security is concerned and also on the fact of linux being freeware i consider linux to be the best

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