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Thread: difference between static and dynamic testing?

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    difference between static and dynamic testing?

    What is the difference between static and dynamic testing? Is white box testing is dynamic testing?

    What is testing methodology?

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    Re: Testing Basic

    Difference b/w static and dynamic testing is the same as we have a car and we are looking for it's style, color and other things( static), but when we have it's test drive then it is dynamic.

    White box is both static and dynamic testing.

    In static white box we see the coding standards and styles.
    In dynamic white box we test the code by running it.

    Different testing methodology are Black box and white box doing manually or using automated tools.
    Hope this post will help you.

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    Re: Testing Basic

    1.Static testing involves verification of activities of the developed software where as dynamic testing involves working with the software, giving input values and checking if the output is as expected.
    2.Review's, Inspection's and Walkthrough's are static testing methodologies.Unit Tests, Integration Tests, System Tests and Acceptance Tests are few of the Dynamic Testing methodologies.
    3.Static testing is done before the code deployment (verification stage) where as dynamic testing is done after code deployment(validation stage).
    4.Static testing is more cost effective then dynamic testing.

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    Re: difference between static and dynamic testing?

    static testing is nothing but testing the documentation and various reviews such as test case review, test plan reviews etc

    Dynamic testing is testing the application it self by running it such as checking the login function with valid invaid users credentials etc

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    Re: difference between static and dynamic testing?

    Static testing has to do with not executing test cases but instead analyzing documents through the process of review inspections etc,in other to find issues and fix them.While dynamic testing is about you actually executing test cases in other to find issues,.

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    Re: difference between static and dynamic testing?

    Static testing involves in coding and Dynamic testing involves in application output.

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