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Thread: Incident and Defect

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    Incident and Defect

    Hi All,

    Could u please let me know the difference between an Incident and a Defect?

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    Re: Incident and Defect

    Hi Shilpa,

    We cannot say all the Incident are defect... But all the defects are incidents... In other words unpleasant incidents are defects...
    Some of the incidents are because of failure in configuration issues these cannot be a bug...


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    Re: Incident and Defect

    Its can be termed like this;

    Incident: When you come accross an application error in a web page (Due to some internal server problem), but you logges a defect, which was addressed by a developer on the next day and commented that its working fine, now you go back and see the same but working fine at that time. This is purely refered as Incident, do remember that provide proper screen shot, video shot or any mean to prove the happenings.

    Defect: Is one that def occuring when a functionality is not working properly or as expected.

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    Re: Incident and Defect

    it depends on organisation,they both mean thesame thing.I have worked in a place where it's refered to as incident and on my present project its call defect and some people just refer to it as a bug.

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