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Thread: College Freshman Internship Resume

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    Post College Freshman Internship Resume

    Hey all, I just found this forum now, and I wanted to know if anyone could look over my resume.

    I'm a college freshman looking for internships (esp. Google Human Resources). I'd be working more on the business side.

    I just wanted a few tips on if it's well formatted, if it's too cluttered...if it's too much. To me, everything is neccessary, because there are so many stories behind each thing, but to an outside observer, it just may look like over kill.

    So thank you so much!

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    Re: College Freshman Internship Resume

    i read ur cv. i wud like to advice u to show work experience ist of all and then ur educational qualification. further i wud advice u to make it to two pages. the positive point is that it looks very gud i.e ell fonts and simplicity.
    ok bye have a nice time.

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    Re: College Freshman Internship Resume

    This looks very comprised, make it little bit elaborated.

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    Re: College Freshman Internship Resume

    Now, as someone who has been duped by so many resume writing services and have spend upwards of $200 on them that I really just want to share what I've learned so that not everyone goes through it like I did.

    Out of all of the extensive resume sites that I've used and tested, the best from personal experience is

    It has helped me tremendously and I highly recommend that you at least check it out. Best of luck to everyone!

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