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Thread: about qtp

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    about qtp

    can i run my script by command prompt with out intalling qtp at one side?

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    Re: about qtp

    1)create a vbs file
    2)add this code :

    Dim App

    Set App = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application")
    App.Visible = True ' can be True or false

    ' Load an .ini file with the user-defined parameters.
    App.Test.Environment.LoadFromFile "C:\Test_Params\environment_file1.ini"

    ' Declare an array with the paths and names of the tests.
    dim testArray(3)

    testArray(1) = "C:\Program Files\Mercury Interactive\QuickTest Professional\Tests\mytest"
    testArray(2) = "C:\Program Files\Mercury Interactive\QuickTest Professional\Tests\mytest2"
    testArray(3) = "C:\Program Files\Mercury Interactive\QuickTest Professional\Tests\mytest3"

    Set qtResultsObj = CreateObject("QuickTest.RunResultsOptions")

    ' Loop through all the tests in the testArray.
    for i = 1 to UBound (testArray)

    ' Open the test in QuickTest Professional.
    App.Open testArray(i), True

    ' Get the test object.
    Set qtTest = App.Test

    ' Set the test results options. Here the location for the test results will be set.
    qtResultsObj.ResultsLocation = testArray(i) & "\Res1" ' Set the results location

    'Execute the test. Instruct QuickTest Professional to wait for the test to finish executing. ' This statement specifies a test results location.
    qtTest.Run qtResultsObj, True

    ' Run the script using the default test results options.

    ' Close the test.
    qtTest.Close 'Close the test

    ' Close QuickTest Professional.

    ' Release the created objects.
    set qtResultsObj = nothing
    set qtTest = nothing
    set App = nothing
    3)save the vbs file and close it.(c:\work\runQTP.vbs)
    4)goes to the remote machine and open the command line.
    5)write the path of the qtp machine and add ""c:\work\runQTP.vbs"
    6) this should work
    let me know if it's working for you.
    Yan , Tel-Aviv

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