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Thread: Selected in patani computers (pcs)

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    Jay swaminarayan



    Hye, the selection procedure contains three rounds,

    1. apptitude

    2. GD

    3. Technical cum HR round

    out of 1000 student, about 250 people selected for GD.

    the apptitude test contains, Percentage,depriciation,Area, and basic english, Italic word's meaning, producer-cinema-show-time problem, DLL paragraph and question answer regarding that. few are so easy. and some are tough to solve.

    well, the total questions are 60 and the time given is 75 minutes, I completed in 70 minutes.

    they have more no. of questions of percentage.

    Now here comes GD. in every class of exami they selected 10. My name is including in that.

    The GD's cordinator was good. given 3 topics, China, A threat to indian software industry, Rules are made for breaking, Environment, who's reponsible ?

    we 3 people wanted to have GD of China, a threat. but remaining 7 persons, ask for Environment.

    so we had GD on that.

    in GD first ol one by one introduced their points in 2 mins. before that we have given 5 mins. to write down.

    after we had a good session on environment, i defined global term of environment & reponsibility, and Basic education and goverment and most important an individual is reposible for enviornment.

    6 out of 10 selected for technical HR round. Patani staff was very good at time management, in 1 hour we all selected GD person have technical interview.

    here comes.. A person who knows all about it fields are taken out by smart interviewer.

    as I entered he very calmly, told how the interview is going to be,

    1. he asked about academics and project. I briefly explain.

    2. Why on particular technology ?

    3. how many months you are free ? what did u do ? any course ? or job ?

    4. are you ready to migrate on any technology?


    then he started real real interview ...

    he asked about protocol.

    protocol full name, explain one protocol, asked Http protocol, how it works, wat is url, wat is dns, wat is gateway.

    how to get a file via network, all terms i explained on the paper that he given me i illustrated, he is really intersted to know, I explained about packet,physical layer,datastream,CRC,Encryption - decryption..

    he asked wat is encryption - decryption ? i explained.

    asked abt example i given

    now he quickly moved to Processor, asked abt newly available processor, wat 64bit, wat 16 bit, wat 8086 , data bus,address bus, i explained ol, but not ol. I didn't explain wat i didn't know,

    now he jumped to C language, asked to do a program of factorial, I did mistake but given me a chance, so i did it. asked abt recursion, integer how many bytes it occupy, depend upon os or not ?

    ol question... in between asked abt y bangalore ? so HR round is also parrallely conducted by smart interviewer..

    now he asked about . Database, normalization , given me a two table to normalize, i did it.

    In between interview it's almost 50 minutes, passed..

    He asked to ask any question to him . but i denied. I was knowing company policy. then also he explained.

    and after that i was told to wait for their Mail, and after 3 days I got a mail from their side, 67 SELECTED. it came just yesterday, m too too happy !!!

    Yah I waited for 6 months after my masters, you also wait and prepare well to get selected in Big companies

    God always helps those who helps themselves !


    Jay swaminarayan.

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    congrats friend


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    Hello Dear,

    Heartiest Congratulations for your 'Success'.

    Your post remind me of an old saying:
    "Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal".



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    Re: Selected in patani computers (pcs)

    congrats buddy

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    Re: Selected in patani computers (pcs)

    Hey dude.. your content was good. but your English is VERY POOR. Pakk gaya mein padh kar.

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