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Thread: January 07: Member of the Month

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    January 07: Member of the Month

    Hello Members,

    We are really lucky to have many great members among our members list who try to help others with their knowledge. Thanks a lot for each and every member for your contributions. As promised, we are thrilled to announce the WINNERS for the month of January 2007, we are delighted to have such members. Once again thanks to each and every members for being a part of our community.

    The winners are as follows.

    Member of the Month : vmshenoy
    Contributor of the Month : psuresh1982
    Contributor of the Month : manojks
    Moderator of the Month : kalayama

    Congratulations for the winners!!!
    Each of the winner will get 1GB USB Pen Drive.

    In the context of being the winners of the month we would like to tell few things about our winners.

    vmshenoy is J2EE Expert and a member of since Oct-2005.

    psuresh1982 is a Programmer located at Bangalore in India and member of since Sep-2006.

    manojks is software engineer from Bangalore and member of since Jan-2007.

    Kalayama is software engineer from Bangalore and member of since Sep-2006.

    Winners, Please log on and use Contact Us Form to send us your mailing / contact address to ship the Pen drives.


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    Re: January 07: Member of the Month

    hi admin

    thanks for the honour admin! Congrats to psuresh,manojks and kalayma as well!They were always good and helpful,
    (and i know them by this)one the master of solving puzzles, other who creates good puzzle, and one from whom you can always get good answers !

    There are many Other members who are good too!

    thanks again



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    Re: January 07: Member of the Month

    Thanks a lot for choosing me as "moderator of the month". It is a great honour and it came at a time when i was doubting my own moderation abilities. It came as a great boon to my confidence, and i hope that i will continue adding value to the site. May it be moderation or just sharing knowledge.

    Congratulations vmshenoy. One of the most sensible members and your knowledge in java is outstanding. Also a member with passion for excellence. Keep up the good work friend.

    I don't think i need to say anything about suresh. When i started posting my initial posts, suresh and james were my role models for posting good stuff. Humble, knowledgeable and a person with great passion to share knowledge. Congrats suresh. Keep up the spirit.

    manojks, you were outstanding in brain teaser section. Congragulations mate. Hope to see some more great work from you!

    A special thanks to mangaivarma who is a great friend of mine and the inspiration for me to do good work. Also special thanks to barbie who was always supportive and a good friend. Not to forget the support of lokesh and admin when it was most needed.

    I wish to thank all of you for being great friends here. Hope to continue sharing knowledge with you and have fun!


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    Re: January 07: Member of the Month

    Congrats guys..

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    Re: January 07: Member of the Month

    Congrats Guys!!!
    Keep up the good work...

    Congrats Kalayama, continue ur excellent job as Moderator.

    *** Mangai Varma ***

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