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Thread: What do you mean by Use Cases?

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    What do you mean by Use Cases?

    Can anyone explain what exactly does "Use Cases" mean ? & How is it different from "Test Cases"

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    Re: What do you mean by Use Cases?

    A Use Case is a technique for capturing functional requirements of system whereas the test case is the various testing procedures document which is tested which determines the requirement is satisfied or not.

    A use case defines the interactions between users who interacts with the system and the system under consideration.
    A complete set of use cases specifies all the different ways to use the system, and therefore defines all behavior required of the system, bounding the scope of the system

    A test case is a detailed procedure or a set of conditions under which a tester will determine if a requirement upon an application is satisfied or not.

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    Re: What do you mean by Use Cases?

    Testing is a process to identify all defects existing in a software product.(though not necessary it will catch all defects).

    In order to test a program, i.e to see whether it functions properly, test cases are created !
    Def : test case is a triplet[ I, S, O]

    I : data input to system

    S :state of system

    O: expected output of system.

    When a programmer creates a prog, then there are chances that his prog doesnot work as expected.So its upto tester that he tests the program with various test cases.There are ways to design test cases!

    Use cases: represent the different ways in which a system can be used by users!
    A simple way to find the use cases of a system is to ask question: "what the users can do using the system"?

    hope you are getting me!



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    Use cases describe the system from the user's point of view.

    A Use Case is a technique for capturing functional requirements of system.

    Use cases focus on the users of the system, not the system itself, thus the real system needs are brought to light early on. Since a use case consists mainly of narrative text, it is easily understandable by all stakeholders, including customers, users and executives, not just developers and testers.

    Each use case describes one way the system is used, but one of the big benefits of use case modeling is that it also describes all of the things that might go wrong. Identifying exceptions to a successful scenario early in the project saves a lot of time by finding subtle requirements.

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    Re: What do you mean by Use Cases?

    Pavanthi is right. Use cases are used to decribe functional requirements.

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