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Thread: Testing Sequence

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    Testing Sequence

    This is another common type of essay type question asked in CSTE Certification...

    You need to have clear understanding on different kind of testing phases in order to answer this question.

    Put the following testing types in order and give a brief description of each along with a test case.

    System testing

    acceptance testing

    unit testing

    integration testing

    benefits realization testing.


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    Re: Testing Sequence

    The order of the Testing will be

    i. Unit Testing - Which will done at the Developers end and done inorder to check how the individual Units are working. This testing is done against the code and White Box Testing Technique is used here.

    ii. Integration Testing - The units are integrated and then the testing is done. Three types of approach followed here for testing viz., Big bang approach, Top down approach and Bottom up approach.

    iii. System Testing - Done in order to check how the system as a whole is functioning. Here the funictionality, and performance of the system is validated.

    iv. Acceptance Testing - Done after the release or the build went into produciton. Done in order to clear the bugs or defects missed out in the system testing.

    v. Benefits Realization Testing - Done after the system went to live. This will be done in order the upgrade the existing features of the application and also done to check how the application is behaving against the business prospects.

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