I have tweaked a few times now, nearly every interviewer has something new to add that they would like to see on my resume. As current I have been trying to use two different resumes. One to highlight my background in shipping & receiving and the other to highlight my background in manufacturing. I decided on using two seperate resumes for my work history because of thinking shorter was better. I imagine if I combine all my work history I will have near 3 pages of resume.

I am worried that this method of resume is hurting me. The seperate work history is showing gaps in time of employment. I have describe the reasons for the gaps in the personal statement but it seems interviewers are not catching on or simple not reading it.

I have been self-employed since 2011 and the last company that I worked for was in shipping & receiving. So on one of the resumes it shows my last job was in 2011. On my manufacturing resume it shows last job I worked was in 2010. I feel this is hurting me. I have been working around retail and didn't feel that that experience belongs on the focused resumes.

Now I also had a staffing company call me recently and had was asking me questions that seemed like they wanted to know every single job that I worked since 1999 and the reason for any gaps.

If I did combine every single job that I have ever worked on a resume I predict 3 pages or more. If I combine my work history and only list the past 5 years I feel that I will lose a great deal of work experience.

Thank you all for your views, and your opinions. I will be keeping tabs on this forum post for next few days and am willing to present you any information you feel will help you best to help me resolve this issue I am having. Thanks again.