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Thread: How to test Mobile Camera or test cases of mobile testing

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    How to test Mobile Camera or test cases of mobile testing

    Please send the test cases of mobile testing

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    Re: How to test Mobile Camera or test cases of mobile testing

    I've heard this question too many times in Geek Interview.
    Now, I never got the actual answer simply because I never understood the for which purpose the test cases are needed.

    Is it like one wants to buy the cellphone and he wants to test the Camera Capabilities of the phone?

    Well, simple general test cases would be something like.

    1) Take a pic in maximum resolution. Verify if the the image taken matches the standard of maximum resolution specified.
    2)Check for different distance ranges of objects to be photographed.
    3) Check the other capabilities of the phone like calling, messaging, with various network signal levels.
    4) Check the cell phone in all the Frequency bands specified (Assuming the cell phone is GSM).

    PS: May be this post is stupid. But my question is that what is expected as answer for the question?

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    Re: How to test Mobile Camera or test cases of mobile testing

    Draft: mobile devices test plan overview mobile devices will encompass support for e-mail and calendaring synchronization using palm os-based handhelds and smartphones. Snappermail 2.1, an e-mail client from snapperfish ltd. And syncml from synthesis ag, which enables techtime calendar access and synchronization without the requirement of a cable attachment. E-mail access and calendar synchronization are the two key functions that is proposed for support from is&t for handhelds and smartphones. The release team will test snappermail and syncml on several devices and report on their suitability, as well as create documentation, training plans and support mechanisms for the mit community. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- scope the first phase of the release effort will focus on installing and functionality testing of snappermail 2.1 and syncml on the following palm os-based handhelds: treo 650 treo 600 kyocera 7135 tungsten c tungsten t5 tungsten t3 zire 72 note: the treo 650, 600 and kyocera 7135 use the carrier's cellular network to connect to mitnet. The tungsten c has built-in wi-fi suppport; the t5, t3 and the zire 72 require a wi-fi card. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- setting the above palm devices will be tested within various environments: w92 test lab release team environments/offices call center environment (help desk, rcc) off campus (remotely) connection types: wi-fi cellular and carrier installation testing (through palm quick install) snappermail 2.1 syncml configurating syncml profiles configuring snappermail accounts incoming server outgoing server usernames and passwords imap4 settings (port 993) - ssl security smtp settings (port 465) - ssl security setting up rules - sync - receive - unread mail - ghost mail - outgoing rules signatures functionality testing (snappermail): able to send email/receive email able to synchronize mail and mail folders limitations on mail storage functionality testing (syncml): able to synchronize, calendar, tasks, address book, email limitations on range of synchronization (due to space issues) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- entry criteria a 30 day demo installer is currently available testing is expected to begin when devices are delivered (12/29/04) draft documentation will be ready: (tbd) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- exit criteria testing will end when the following criteria have been met: - syncml and snappermail have been fully tested and meets or exceeds is&t's expectations. - known issues (if any) have been found, communicated and documented. - documentation has been written and tested.

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