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Thread: Cover Letters—Are They Really That Important?

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    Cover Letters—Are They Really That Important?

    You are looking for a job and have your resume all ready to hand to potential employers at your first interview, but what are you missing? The answer is a really great cover letter. Many job applicants make the mistake of simply carrying a resume with them to job interviews and never even think about a cover letter thinking that it isn’t really that important because all of the pertinent information is in the resume. However, this is a mistake because cover letters are very important and should be included with your resume. The following information will teach you why your cover letter is just as important as your resume and some important information that should be included in a proper cover letter as well.

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    Re: Cover Letters—Are They Really That Important?

    Really I did not have idea that cover letters had so much importance But this artcile gave me an insight about the importance of cover letters which I strated concentrating with great care from now on.

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