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Thread: Personality Tests for Job Applicants

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    Personality Tests for Job Applicants

    If you are new to the job searching world or if you have not applied for jobs in a very long time then you might be surprised to learn that many companies are using personality tests to help them determine who to call back for interviews and who to avoid. You might think this sounds odd and don’t quite understand, but continue reading and you will learn more about the reasons why companies’ human resources departments have implemented this strategy in their hiring practices.

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    Re: Personality Tests for Job Applicants

    The above posts was really useful to know about the importance of personality tests and why it is conducted in companies and by whom it is conducted.
    Could you also give some examples of personality tests so that we can try out as a sample.

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    Re: Personality Tests for Job Applicants

    hi...the above mentioned things is useful for us.hope i will do it when it comes to me next year

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