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Thread: Tips for New Computer Science Graduates

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    Tips for New Computer Science Graduates

    Several years ago, in the midst of the IT boom, a college graduate in Computer Science simply had to post a resume and usually within about 48 hours had an interview and a job. Times, however, they are a'changin' and unfortunately for every new graduate entering the workforce, there are ten professionals with years of experience standing in front of them in the employment line.

    With little or no actual experience, it may seem that these new computer science graduates will be forced to rethink their career choice, return to school or take a minimum wage paying job until they can find an entry level position that no one else wants. There are, however, a few things that can be done to speed that process up. While offshore outsourcing is being maligned as the culprit, new computer science graduates would do well to research the opportunities in this industry.

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    i want a book for tips for new computer science graduate.
    plz send me.

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