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Thread: IEEE FORMAT test case

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    IEEE FORMAT test case

    please any body send me a IEEE FORMAT test case

    NOTE : [This question was asked by ali]

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    Re: IEEE FORMAT test case

    After selection of all possible test case titles, corresponding test engineers are documenting that test cases with complete information in IEEE829 format: test case document format:
    test case id: unique number or name
    test case name: previously selected test case title
    feature to be tested: the name of corresponding module functionality
    test suit id: the name of test batch id, in which batch this case is a member.
    Priority: the importance of this test case w.r.t functionality
    test environment: required h/w and s/w to execute these test cases.
    Test effort: time to execute this test case eg: 20 min is average time to test this test case
    test duration: date (expected) by when the test case would be completed.
    Pre-condition necessary tasks to do before starting the test execution
    test procedure: a step by step procedure to execute this test case
    step no.
    i/p required
    actual result
    test case pass / fail criteria: when this case is "pass", when this case is "fail"

    note: in general, the test engineers are not filling 11 fields format for every test case. They are filling some of the mandatory fields for every test case document. Because maximum test cases consist of some values for some of the fields and time is an important factor to save.

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    Re: IEEE FORMAT test case

    hi friend..

    excellent information


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    Re: IEEE FORMAT test case

    Hi JobHelper here is IEEE829 format
    According to the IEEE Standard 829 - 1998:

    A test plan shall have the following structure:

    a) Test plan identifier;
    b) Introduction;
    c) Test items;
    d) Features to be tested;
    e) Features not to be tested;
    f) Approach;
    g) Item pass/fail criteria;
    h) Suspension criteria and resumption requirements;
    i) Test deliverables;
    j) Testing tasks;
    k) Environmental needs;
    l) Responsibilities;
    m) Staffing and training needs;
    n) Schedule;
    o) Risks and contingencies;
    p) Approvals.

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    Re: IEEE FORMAT test case


    I need a Test scenario template, is it availablle in IEEE format.

    If so please send it across.

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    Re: IEEE FORMAT test case

    Hi friend

    excellent explanation boss.

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