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Thread: What is AMIE?

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    What is AMIE?

    what is AMIE? Is AMIE a certification course? is it equivlant to B.E.?

    NOTE : [This question was asked by aki]

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    Re: What is AMIE?


    AMIE stands for associate member of Institution of Engineers.

    The Institution of Engineers (India) was established in 1920 in Kolkata, West Bengal and is acclaimed to have pioneered non-formal education in Engineering. IE (I) conducts an examination for Associate Membership. This examination is considered to be on par with B.E. / B.Tech. when contemplated as an eligibility qualification to write competitive examinations like the Civil Services, Indian Engineering Services, GATE, etc., and for placement in government, the public and private sectors.

    There are 2 sections, namely Section A and Section B, in this examination. Section A is common for all candidates aspiring to acquire an AMIE (India). Under Section B, a particular discipline of engineering has to be chosen from among the streams offered.

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