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Thread: good leader

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    good leader

    hi friends
    is their anyone who doesnot like to become a leader?probably not!but now the question arises,do u have the traits/qualities to become a leader?
    Ofcourse to lead someteam is not a child's play.I would like to share some qualities which a leader should have

    1)intelligence :they should have somewhat higher level of intelligence than their followers.
    2)U should b perfect in all the work u do!U should lead with an example.If u set an eg then there are more chances that ur followers too give their 100%!

    3)He should have the courage to accept the responsibilty for the consequences of any steps he takes!

    4)self-confidence:he should b confident enough to take some important and critical decisions

    5)he should not be biased to anyone!

    6) he should listen to his follower's advice and ideas, and if found suitable should implement them!

    these are some but imp features of leadership!


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    Re: good leader

    hi Shenoy..

    Indeed...The Basic Priniciples for all those, who aspire to become leaders

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    Re: good leader

    it's agood thing for leader ship i'll look forward for it

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