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Thread: One word answers are not very good

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    One word answers are not very good

    It takes a lot of time and effort to get invited to a job interview. Don't blow your chances by being misunderstood by the interviewer. Not many people are aware that giving one word answers to questions, substantially increases your chances of conveying the wrong impression.

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    Re: One word answers are not very good

    In short a very lengthy answer or a one word answer both are bad. A short and crisp answer to the point would win the competition.

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    Re: One word answers are not very good

    For eg

    when an interviewer asks what does he wants to know abt the company, then a polite "NO" from u wont do any good to u.
    Before going for interview ,u should have knowledge abt company

    (for which u r appearing),so that u can ask good and impressing questions!



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