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Thread: ASCII Resume Writing—Some Tips to Get You Writing

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    ASCII Resume Writing—Some Tips to Get You Writing

    Once you have your resume created and printed out you might run into a situation or situations where you need to email your resume to a potential employer or else upload it to the Internet. But, how will you do this? The answer is simple and all you need to do is scan your resume. However, this is not as easy as it sounds because scanning your professional looking resume can cause some serious problems with the layout of your resume.

    Unfortunately, many scanning software that are used for scanning resumes are old versions that do not work properly anymore. So, when you scan your resume you can be pretty sure it will not turn out just like you had planned. There will likely be many different characters that were not originally in your resume, fonts might change, and the overall appearance will be less than it originally was. Since your resume is frequently the first thing that speaks for your qualifications it is very important that it look professional despite technological or scanning problems.

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    Good resume makers and interview qustions and ratings

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    Re: Good resume makers and interview qustions and ratings

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