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Thread: Guidelines for ISO 90001:2000

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    Guidelines for ISO 90001:2000

    Can anyone please post the guidelines for ISO 90001:2000.

    Thank you

    NOTE : [This question was asked by Mt_everest]

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    Re: Guidelines for ISO 90001:2000

    Using the following online reference, u can get lots of information about ISO 9001:2000.

    ISO 9001:2000

    Did you want to get ISO 9001:2000 for your company product ? So much people doing that job...I know only in chennai...if you are in chennai then sent a reply to me..i give one of my uncle details...


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    Re: Guidelines for ISO 90001:2000

    Hi all,

    ISO 9000 family is related to quality management systems and help organizations about quality of product. These standards brought out by ISO, the International Organization for Standardization and usable through National standard bodies. ISO 9000 family addresses “quality management system”
    Using this standard, organizations want to fulfill the requirements that are given below.
    • The customer’s quality requirement,
    • Enhance customer satisfaction,
    • Applicable regulatory requirements and
    • Gain continual improvement of its performance in aspiration of these objectives.
    ISO 9000 deals with the basic of quality management systems and also includes eight management principles. The 8 management systems are given below:-
    • References
    • Scope
    • Quality management system
    • Terms and definitions
    • Management responsibility
    • Resource management
    • Product realization
    • Measurement, analysis and improvement

    Hope it may help you.


    for more information visit

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    Re: Guidelines for ISO 90001:2000

    HI dudes,

    ISO 9001:2000 revised by 2008 and going to 2014.
    ISO 9001:2000, is all about requirement of "QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM" (is a part in management of organisation) for effective working of organisation in-order to meet its objectives and quality policy.
    This standard point-outs basic requirements needed to implement quality objectives in each and every activity of organisation.
    And these requirements are supported by different documents, which depends on type of organisation and sometimes prepared by organisation it self for effective implementation.

    Have Quality time.


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