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Thread: Task manager like application using vb.Net

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    Task manager like application using vb.Net

    I am developing a task manager like application using I have written following code for that.

    Dim poc() as process = process.getprocesses()
    for i as integer = 0 to poc.length - 1
    if poc(i).processname.tostring <> "system" or poc(i).processname.tostring <> "idle" then
    catch ex as exception
    msgbox(poc(i).processname.tostring & " " & ex.message)
    end try
    end if

    however one new need in this project is that it should display me the arguments which were passed to the process when it was started. E. G. If xcopy command is running, then in front of the xcopy imagename, its corresponding source [destination] arguments should be displayed. But in this no luck till so far. Any idea?

    Thanks in advance

    NOTE : [this question was asked by mkatpatal]

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    Re: Task manager like application using vb.Net

    I am also interested to find solution for this... any one

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