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Thread: Append data to a target file

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    Append data to a target file

    In Informatica, How to append data to a target file?

    NOTE : [This question was asked by Ramakrishna, I am posting it in proper forum]

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    Re: Append data to a target file

    I am not sure if this is the best possible way , but just a suggestion.
    Write a new target file and then in the post session command concat / append to the master file.

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    Re: Append data to a target file

    It's going to be a long way depending on your extraction requirements, like cleansing, scrubbing etc. However, if you through with this process and ready to append the records in your target area then from your cleansed records (after the expression, joiner, lookup etc.). Inside the mapping you can link the ouput ports of your last transformation going to the input ports of your STG or target definition.

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    Re: Append data to a target file

    sorry, just to add up, make sure you configure your session properties, instance, connections, treat source file as, something like that. then you need to run the workflow.

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    Re: Append data to a target file

    by using data_driven commands u can append data to target

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